Delivering, installing, maintaining and starting-up your production equipment


  • Technology layout and design.
  • Machinery and equipment concept – New or used, imported or local sourced.

Machinery sourcing and supply

  • International and local sourcing of machinery, equipment and technical materials – Supplier searching, quality assessing, tendering, consolidated procurement, auditing processing suppliers.
  • Full import service incl. transport, customs clearance, documentation and registration for equipment and all technical materials such as spare parts – We offer DDP incoterms

Spare and format parts

  • Local manufacturing and delivery of mechanical spare and format parts including compiling needed technical drawings.
  • Format and mechanical spare parts done local by selected partner companies.
  • We offer DDP incoterms for all imported machinery parts.
  • Special customer service: Express spare part delivery from Europe.


  • Maintenance service: In-house and outsourced.
  • Performed by own co-workers.

Installation works (machinery, parts, maintenance…)

  • Installation works done by own and selected external partner companies.
  • Pool of various specialized German technicians and electricians are short term available in Russia through us.

Commissioning and start-up

  • Site and factory acceptance test (SAT / FAT).
  • Start up and reduced processing costs: Output and efficiency increase.
  • Internal material flow layout and optimization.

Project management

  • Project based screening of local market for equipment and technical material suppliers that fulfill international standards in terms of quality, service level and compliance.
  • Project management for projects that require a great deal of expertise for a short or long period of time.


  • Operator and technicians training on site.

On request we also offer factory technical assessments